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Arizona Dove

September in Arizona means cleaning the guns and honing in on your shooting. 15 bird limits and impressive flights.

Arizona Dove Hunting Guide, Bird Hunting Dogs, Dove Hunting Arizona


Age Rules

18 and older: With a valid Arizona Hunting License and Migratory Bird Stamp
17 and under: Youth Combination License is all that is required

10 and older: Hunting License and Arizona Migratory Bird Stamp are required


Bag: 15 doves a day (mourning and white-winged doves combined)
White-winged doves: No more than 10 per day 
45-bird possession limit after opening day
Eurasian collared doves: no bag or possession limit



Shotguns of any gauge and style are perfect for dove hunting

Shot sizes from No. 7 ½, 8s or 9s work well and are not overly tough on the wings



Standing still is more important to break up your silhouette, camouflage gear will not be necessary

Hunter orange is not required, however always recommended to help other hunters see you in the early hours



Ear and eye protection, water, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, bags and cooler to store your harvest.

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