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Meet Our Bird Dogs

Get to know our gun dog partners, they can't wait to find some birds for you!
Bird Hunting Dog, Hank


Hank is my #1. With the heart of a lion and piercing eyes, he is only focused on one thing--the hunt. Sired from Top Gun Sir Henry 2011 GSPCA Hunt Test Sire of the Year and Native Dog foods cover model. However, Hank takes a chapter from his mother making him my best retriever in this group and honestly that I have personally witnessed in the past 8 years hunting a field. "#HankFindsBirds" is not an understatement. He does just that with very few days off. He will hunt for you. When I get the call to go hunting, it's not for my likable personality, it's for Hank's.


My boy, AKA Benjamin Button, AKA Action Jackson, AKA Mr. Black. Jackson's athleticism wows me. His size and strength are super-dog status. He is a BEAST. At 74 lbs, he stands at perfect AKC standard with the 3 ribs shown. His nose and desire to find birds are fun to witness. Once this dog takes the lead position in my club, watch out he's taking over! Sired by Hillhaven's Scent Seeker and mothered by Top Gun's Prairie Gem MH. Recently, he had 88 water retrieves this year on open water ducks.

Bird Hunting Dogs, Jackson
Bird Hunting Dog, HenryEtta


Rita is my best dog at the moment. She is fast, gritty, and hunts and adapts to all the species we hunt. Stone cold on ruffs but can trail scales just inside breaking them to flush. Sired by Sir Henry (keeping it in the family) and mothered by a senior hunter east coast grouse blood--she is AWESOME! She is smart, determined, and absolutely beautiful. She is my border babe. "Rita".


"Triple T's Duramax" or better known as, Tommy. A new edition and one that I am very excited about. I acquired him out of the horseback trial world. He is very athletic and small in stature. He is built like a Chevy Diesel and runs like one too. He is bred from the best and shows it in his desire and willingness to find prey and displays his staunch point. He runs big, but doesn't mind waiting for you to get there!

Bird Hunting Dog, Tommy
Bird Hunting Dog, Nacho


Nacho ran his first season 2016-17 in Arizona hunting quail. He jumped right into position and became a top runner. He can range but he always lets you know where he is working and holds a nice point. He lives to please and retrieves to hand. My love for this dog is special and I can't wait for next season.


Pearl is a keeper. My first Pointer. She was like a new toy. She came to me at the end of the season and I just ran her and ran her and ran her why...because she just never quit hunting. Usually found on top of a ridge with a high tail. She made a home with all these shorthairs and loves it!

Bird Hunting Dog, Pearl
Bird Hunting Dog, Pea


Henry's split personality, Pea. Her father NFC , 3xCH, GFC, FC BDK Chloe's Jax of all Trades took it down. 2 time National Champion Runner Up. She is her daddy's little girl and by that, I'm her daddy. She runs big and confident and you will enjoy her steadiness. 


Lily's in the Meadow, AKA; Lily Monster. My first dog from the East. She is a natural, the first time down she stuck a grouse point two minutes out of the truck! 20 minutes later, she nailed her first woodcock. Arizona suites her well, she runs independently and can range out, yet she always knows where we are and stands her birds well. She has a gait that resembles a four legged duck and I am ok with that.

Bird Hunting Dog, Dee Dee
Bird Hunting Dog, Pace


Pace is a gift from Texas. Bred a half setter half brittney to the likes of many a Texas quail guide. I had to have one. 9th in the batting order first in the fun department. It only takes one hit to get back to the top of the order so he most absolutely completes this team. 


Connor Come Lately, a littermate to Pea. Connor came to me by chance, I bought him after I found out he wasn't working where he was placed. Now I aim to show him off as he has he told me two things, "feed me Victor Hi Pro and I'll hunt for you all day!"

Bird Hunting Dog, Dee Dee
Gun dog with Bobwhite Quail, Blue


From Crooked River Kennels, Blue is my partner and best friend. We've hunted many miles in numerous states together. Blueberry is the dog that you can put on the ground when the sun comes up, run her until sunset, and then do it all over again the next day. She has an excellent nose and holds her points with style and intensity that anyone would be jealous of!


An un-chipped stray from Colorado turned bird finding machine- and dang does he look good doing it! Ranger is a gentle dog and when you look into his eyes, you can see that he is always looking forward to tomorrow.

German Shorthaired Pointer on Mearns Quail, Gus


A full brother to Blueberry, Gus is the young gun on my string. A spitting image of his sister with a little more obedience, he is a hard charging bird dog. At home, he seems to have his own agenda, carrying water bowls from one end of the property to the other like it is his job to do so. With a intense point, he is a pleasure to hunt over and backs like a true gentleman.


Jack is her name, flushing birds is her game! Born and bred by a Border Patrol agent here in Southern AZ, Jack does not act like your typical lab. She can run all day and keep up with any pointing dog. A close worker, and a natural retriever, Jack has been known to find shot birds that we would not have found otherwise. She works well in the blind, but does have a bad habit of stealing retrieves if I don't watch her. Jack is a fan favorite, from the blind to the pheasant field, but where she really shines is the grouse woods!



You have never seen a Vizsla like this, so we just call her a "red dog". She came from Josh McPherson of "Hillbillie" Kennels in Utah. Busy is her name, as well as her demeanor. She runs as fast as she can to the birds, and looks great when she finds them. 

Bird Hunting Dog, Pace


Pace is a gift from Texas. Bred a half setter half brittney to the likes of many a Texas quail guide. I had to have one. 9th in the batting order first in the fun department. It only takes one hit to get back to the top of the order so he most absolutely completes this team. 


Mollicone Kennels V for Vandetta. He's triple the size of his mother, but runs like the wind. He is an easy handling dog and runs Mearns country like he was bred to do it.

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