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Missouri Whitetails



Border to Border Outfitters offers trophy whitetail deer hunting outside of Sheridan, Missouri. Recognizing the potential of this farm, we went to work professionally planting food-plots and establishing a true deer sanctuary. This property has never been open for hunting until now, which means that the deer have seen no previous pressure from hunters.

Missouri ranks in the top five states in the nation for Whitetail Deer according to Pope and Young, as well as Boone and Crockett. The county we hunt is under antler restrictions, meaning we shoot nothing under 8 point trophy bucks. We have multiple tree stands and ground blinds for your hunt. Offering only three hunts a season, you can enjoy your own personal whitetail hunting grounds with a high probability of a successful hunt!



  • Archery Deer & Antlerless Deer- 9/15/19-11/15/19 and 11/27/19-1/15/20

  • Archery Turkey- 9/15/19-11/15/19 and 11/27/19-1/15/20

Purchase your Missouri Hunting License Here

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