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Taxidermy Services

Create Your Trophy!

Quality taxidermy that you can be proud of! Capture the memory of your upland hunt. Border to Border Outfitters has partnered with Arizona Wings Taxidermy, a nationally known, award winning taxidermist. This service is available wherever you hunt with us, border to border.

Kyle owns and operates Arizona Wings Taxidermy with two locations in Surprise and Flagstaff. Between Kyle and his partner Grady, they have over 20 years of taxidermy experience. Arizona Wings Taxidermy has been competing for the past five years and have worked their way up to Masters.

Field Care from the professionals:

  • When selecting a bird to have mounted, pick one that has as little damage as possible.

  • Do not carry the bird by the head or by the neck, and handle the bird with care.

  • Smooth feathers back to where they are suppose to be and tuck the head under one of the wings as soon as the bird is harvested.

  • Place bird into a ziplock freezer bag, squeezing out as much air as possible.

  • Keep the bird out of direct sunlight and do not place your trophy into the game bag. Your bird must be kept as cool as possible. 


The better you take care of your trophy, the better we, your taxidermist, can create a beautiful mount that you will be proud to display!

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