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Welcome to B2B Outfitters!

"A True Wild Bird Experience"

Whether you want to hunt the Northwoods of Minnesota in search of the "King" Ruffed Grouse, run behind gundogs in the prairies of South Dakota chasing Roosters, or need to find your soul in Southeast Arizona after the trifecta of Quail... B2B Outfitters has a hunt for you!

If you are the type of Upland hunter that enjoys beautiful scenery, heart-pounding flushes, and great working dogs, Arizona has it all! At Border To Border Outfitters, we offer the full experience. The mystique that the border fence provides is as chilling as the first day a covey ever let loose up your pant leg. We have 3 huntable species; Gambel's, Scaled, and Mearns. Want to try your chance at all three? It could just happen! Start planning for your hunt! You will need your legs in shape and your barrel clean. It's not hard to fly through a box of shells quickly.

Quail Hunt

Join us in Southern AZ on Gambels, Mearns, and Scaled Quail!

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Satisfy your hunger for months after a long day of bird hunting with us. Come and hunt with us soon!

Pheasant Hunting Guide, Upland Bird Hunting
Hunt with us!


We are dedicated to your upland experience!

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The Canine Hunters


We do it for the dogs! Without our four legged friends, we would not be able to provide this amazing upland experience.

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The American Nomad


Follow our blog! See the world of hunting through the eyes of the Nomad Americano.

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