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Patrick Flanagan

Owner & Guide

The original, the face of the uplands. Patrick is our founder at Border to Border Outfitters and has laid the groundwork, and the fencing, for where the business stands today. Running dogs in the woods, prairies, and desert, he has built strong relationships with our clients, landowners, and the communities we hunt in. He knows the land, he knows his dogs, and he knows how to make every hunt a success. 

- Top Dogs -

Rita & Pea


10 years old



7 years old


Robert Jones


Robert is from the San Joaquin Valley in California where he grew a passion and dedication for bird dogs, upland hunting, and the wild places birds call home. Robert mainly pursued Mountain and Valley quail in his home state but quickly started traveling to hunt new species around the western United States. 

Robert has pursued almost every upland bird species in the lower 48 in 10 different states with his mix of Spaniels and Setters. During one of these hunting trips, he fell in love with the prairie and the native grouse he and the dogs found there and to that end he pulled up stakes and moved to eastern Montana where he has lived, hunted, and trained dogs for the past two years.

He has also come to appreciate and enjoy the field trial world and has entered his hunting dogs into competition during the off season. He works every day to improve his dog training and handling skills to become more successful in campaigning his dogs in American field pointing dog and AKC spaniel field trials.

- Top Dogs -


Lady is a six-year-old, female tri-colored English setter. Heavily Sunrise bred on top and Smith Setters and Grouse Ridge dogs on the bottom, I did not know how lucky I was to get such a well-bred dog for my first setter. Her natural ability, ease of training, and level headed personality in the house sold me on the breed. Lady is a force when hunting Mearns’s quail. She does not run huge but her bird sense and a cannon of a nose (neither of which you can teach) seem to keep her in plenty of birds. Lady is the reason I am here now, doing what I do, and she will always hold the rank of top dog for me.


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Shrike is a two-year-old, female, tricolored setter. This young dog excites me like no other every time I drop her. Her ground speed, endurance, heat tolerance, and bird finding ability make her very close to exactly what I want out of a bird dog. She’s still very young but had quite a season and ended up being my go-to dog on the prairie last season when times got tough. Shrike was bred and whelped 9 healthy puppies in February, two of which I have held back to evaluate and hopefully they make their mark on my string for years to come.

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