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South Dakota

The wildlife abounds in this landscape where the ranchers use good grazing management and leave ample grass for upland birds, deer, and antelope alike.

Whether you find yourself coming from East or West you will quickly find that Whitehorse, SD is situated in the heart of one of the biggest chunks of unbroken prairie you are likely to find anywhere.

As you pull into our spacious, 7,000sq ft, lodge you are likely to be greeted by the herd of wild horses that graze the flats and hills just behind the lodge and to hear prairie dogs barking from their town nearby. You see, there is a balance struck here, where the wild and the domestic world coexist.

Our primary target is native prairie grouse, with Sharp-tail making up most of the bag, occasionally a wiley Prairie Chicken also comes to hand. These birds have been on this landscape long before the cattle, Hungarian partridge, or ringneck pheasant arrived and will surely be the reason for most of the dinner table talk at the end of the hunt, especially if a few of the days birds make it to the table as an appetizer or main course for the meal.

These birds and this boundless country where you can hunt to the horizon in any direction you look lend themselves to big running, powerful, and staunch bird dogs who will hold their game for as long as it takes for you to find them on point.

After the day's hunt, you will retire to the lodge where drinks and appetizers are waiting for you. Just relax or play a round of pool while a wonderful dinner is being prepared by our professional chef. The chef’s cooking never disappoints after a full day of chasing birds in the hills of South Dakota.


Where Will the Hunt Take You?

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